Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Phase 6

I will reach my customers through social networking websites and my company’s own website. This will be the type of advertising I use and I think it will be pretty effective to reach my clientele. I will need a place of business that includes a secretary that will give people all of the information they need to get to military bases.They will get information from my headquarters and help the families out. I won’t need any equipment for my company.I will need managers that know how to do clerical work in the facilities to send information to the main headquarters.Then I will need headquarters workers that can get the supplies. I will want 50 members of my staff in my main headquarters.then I want six part time workers in each of my other buildings. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Phase 5

My client group is a soldier's family and they are pretty normal middle class people. My product is top notch and is completely free to those qualified. The locations I use will not effect my business. My main competition is the Fisher House Foundation and the Wounded Warriors Project, but overall my product is better.

Phase 4

The overall service of Soldiers Saviors is providing free transportation, lodging, and goods to families of soldiers on the site of a military base where they are hurt. We do this by having houses on military bases and by getting donations to provide goods. We do this in a number of different ways that are pretty stable. The sun contracting company I'm going to uses is MSS Solutions On Demand. They have a good history of reliability. Any competition I have competes for the same resources, but my company is the only worldwide company.

Phase 3

For my executive summary I stated that we want families to always be able to be with their injured loved ones in the military. Then to achieve the goal we get support in a couple different ways. First, we have volunteers around the countries that help us build houses and work in our offices. Also, people around the country will support us by donating money and non-perishable food to help out our company. Also, people will be able to donate their frequent flyer miles so the families can fly to the places around the world without paying for airfare. The government will support my company by giving my company grants that will give us more funds. 

For my social impact I have five social impacts. They are to reduce stress on families, gain countrywide recognition, gain worldwide recognition, change the worldwide mindset, and give a new idea of what war is like.   

Friday, January 6, 2012

Phase 2

I would like to be a part in a world where people are all aware of soldiers getting hurt and the struggle it is on them and their family.To achieve this goal, I would like to have helped over 50,000 families in three years. I would also like to have multiple houses in each state and have some houses over seas. Financially I would like to have the funds to fix any of the houses and I have and more than enough money to support all of the tenants in my houses for six months. I think this would be a good start to make my vision start to come true. My mission is to make a business that makes it possible for no family to ever have to pay to go visit a hurt loved one in the armed forces.
The activities I will start with will be to build at least 13 houses in different states per year. I will make my company known all over the world so that different families from all over will use my company. I will use my money making strategies to make some money. Then I will safely invest my money to get a surplus of money. I cam up with all of this by thinking about what people would need from the persepective of people with hurt loved ones.