Friday, January 6, 2012

Phase 2

I would like to be a part in a world where people are all aware of soldiers getting hurt and the struggle it is on them and their family.To achieve this goal, I would like to have helped over 50,000 families in three years. I would also like to have multiple houses in each state and have some houses over seas. Financially I would like to have the funds to fix any of the houses and I have and more than enough money to support all of the tenants in my houses for six months. I think this would be a good start to make my vision start to come true. My mission is to make a business that makes it possible for no family to ever have to pay to go visit a hurt loved one in the armed forces.
The activities I will start with will be to build at least 13 houses in different states per year. I will make my company known all over the world so that different families from all over will use my company. I will use my money making strategies to make some money. Then I will safely invest my money to get a surplus of money. I cam up with all of this by thinking about what people would need from the persepective of people with hurt loved ones.

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